Creating Connections

— The best place to buy supplies/food is from GFS. Tell them it's for Elevate Ministries. You'll get a small discount.

— Paper plates, papers cups, paper towels, charcoal and lighter fluid are things we always need more of.

— Please don't buy styrofoam for the BBQs. It isn't good for God's creation. We believe how you treat the creation is a reflection of how you feel about the creator. :)

— Homemade desserts and food are the best. It shows more time, care and love to all of us who eat them.

— If you would like to get more involved, please e-mail or call Mike.

— Cash/check donations are greatly appreciated and always needed. They can be written to:
            elevate Detroit
            1723 Kirkton Dr.
            Troy, MI 48083
— The two most important things you could do to help is:
            1. To pray for how you are called to be involved in this ministry.
            2. To come to an event and become friends with someone you wouldn't otherwise meet.

— Oranges are the best fruit to bring and give out.

— We are always eager to hear, read and see stories and pictures of people and relationships built through       these CommuniD BBQs. So please share them with us! :)